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On Site Troubleshooting

More often than not, there is a quick and easy fix for any faults that occur with our units on site.

We have got a range of troubleshooting tools for the typical problems that could occur, including fault finding charts and how to videos.

Please take a look below, and if you need any more assistance, please contact us.

Watch our Videos

Solenoid Valve Service - BTMIDI & BTHW
Try this if your tank is overflowing - even after you have isolated the power.


Solenoid Strainer Basket Service: BTAB and BTAF
Try this if your tank is running out of water.


Check Valve Service: BTMIDI
Try this if your pump is pulsing on and off.


Freeing Seized Midi Pump: BTMIDI
Try this if you are not getting any water, or your pump is hot and making a humming noise.


Cleaning Electrodes: BTMIDI (also applicable for BTHW, DF, MFD)
Try this if your tank is overflowing, or not filling.


Removal of Pressure Switch (for inspecting, cleaning or replacing): BTMIDI (also applicable for BTHW, DF, MFD)
Try this if your pump is continuously running, or if the pump is running but you aren't getting any water.


Click the model to open our Fault Finding Charts

Model BTAB Boost-A-Break and Model BTAF Pent-A-Boost

Model BTMIDI-3A - Midi Break Tank

Model BTMIDI-2A - Midi Break Tank

Model BTMIDI-1 - Midi Break Tank

Models AFS/AFP - Autofill Pressurisation Unit

Model BTHW - Ablution Plant


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