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Fluid Category 2 - Single Check Valves

As a specialist water solutions provider, we supply a selection of products that give backflow protection for Fluid Category 2 risks. These are fluids that meet the criteria of Category 1 but whose aesthetic quality is reduced due to a change in temperature or the presence of organisms or substances that cause an alteration to their taste, smell or appearance. Our Fluid Category 2 solutions have a wide range of uses. For example, they can feature in ice making machines, domestic softening plants, fire sprinkler systems, water cooled air conditioning units (without additives) and certain drinks vending machines.

These products feature a single check valve (SCV) cartridge that prevents contaminated water from flowing backwards. SCVs can be used in place of double check valves because the fluid risk is low. Our range covers non-verifiable (EB) and verifiable (EA) SCVs and it includes EB235, EB420 and EA453 products.

For more information on our single check valves and to see our full selection, simply take a look around our website. Also, if you would like advice concerning your options, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone. Our experts are BPEC qualified in the Water Regulations, meaning they are perfectly placed to provide accurate guidance.