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Water Pressure Booster Pumps

At Arrow Valves, we supply a full range of water booster pump units. These solutions are designed to increase the pressure of domestic or Fluid Category 5 water and they all feature a minimum of one pump for this purpose. Some of the products in our range have an internal break tank, while others are intended to be used with larger storage tanks.

Our selection of booster pumps includes Pent-A-Boost, Arrow Stealth Booster and BPE models, and you can take your pick from duty standby and duty assist units. Duty standby designs have two pumps, but only one of these runs at a time. In contrast, the two pumps featured in duty assist models can run simultaneously.

If you aren’t sure which solution would best suit your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. Our specialists are BPEC qualified in the Water Regulations and are on hand to guide you through your options. As well as the models shown on our website, we can manufacture bespoke assemblies to meet specific requirements. To find out more about the range of pumps we provide, take a look around our website or contact our friendly and professional staff members by phone or email.