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Single Check Valve Brass - 420

Single Check Valves with DZR brass Valve Bodies and female BSP or compression connections.
Sprung-loaded Cartridge with resilient seat provides positive closure, no water hammer and low opening pressure. Hotstamped DZR compression nuts with fine thread minimises the torque required to make the joint.
Product Code: EB420
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Additional Information

Fluid Category 2 - Material DZR Brass
Fluid Category 2 - Test Points Non-Verifiable


Backflow prevention for fluids in category 2 (refer to Schedule 1 of Water Regulations July 1999). Fluid Category 2 includes- Fire sprinkler systems without additives; Hot water; Water cooled air conditioning without additives; Branch to steel pipes; Domestic softening plant (common salt regeneration).

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Specification Clauses

Where indicated on the drawing a low headloss type single check valve shall be installed – model EB420 - as distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The pressure drop across the assembly at 1.5 m/s shall be less than 0.08 bar. The body shall be DZR brass with compression connections.