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Thermostatic Mixing Valve 5213 Kit 1

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Model TMV5213 is particularly compact whilst retaining the benefits of union inlet connections and integral check valves. The 15 mm valve is DO8, TMV3 and WRAS approved. TMVs blend hot and cold water at point of use to provide warm water to basins, showers and baths. When installed and maintained correctly, the TMV will fulfil the Duty of Care requirements against scalding. Legionella bacteria breed in warm water (20-45 degrees C), so to avoid this condition hot water should be stored at 60-65 degrees C and distributed at not less than 55 degrees C. The cold water should be supplied below 20 degrees C. Proportional control on both the hot and cold provides an accurate outlet temperature, which is adjustable between 30-50 degrees C by means of a tamperproof adjustment. Low loss check valves are incorporated into the hot and cold tails, which provide the necessary backflow protection against hot water (Fluid Catgory 2). Flat-faced unions enable the TMV to be easily removed if required. Servicing Valves hould be fitted to the hot and cold supplies to aid maintenance (Clause G11.1). The Arrow Valves TMV is normally supplied with AFL (Automatic Flow Limiting) Servicing Valves. These valves enable a strainer only or combined strainer and Automatic Flow Limiting cartridge to be fitted and removed through the side port without disconnecting pipes. In addition the cartridges can incorporate an Automatic Flow Limiting facility to assist water conservation and unbalanced supply pressures. TMVs perform best with equal supply pressures, e.g. unvented hot and cold.


Terminal fittings or communal showers in schools or public buildings, and in other facilities used by the public.

Product Specification
Specification Clause

Every hot tap on a hand wash basin, bath and shower shall be supplied by a thermostatic mixing valve meeting the requirements of NHS model Engineering Specification DO8 (low and high pressure) – model TMV5213 – as distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The TMV shall feature flat faced unions, servicing valves – with a 260 micron removable strainer in the ball – and a single check valve in both the hot and cold tail. The temperature adjuster shall be secured with a locknut a concealed by a tamperproof cover. The installation and commissioning shall be in accordance with the TMV3 scheme, a copy of which is available on the manufacturer’s web site.

Data Sheets


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Installation Guide

TMV_Code_of_Practice_23.pdf (88.89 KB)