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Winter the Dolphin


Clearwater Marine Aquarium believe in preserving our marine life and environment while inspiring the human spirit through leadership in education, research, rescue, rehabilitation, and release. Winter, the inspiration behind the movie Dolphin Tale, lost her tail after being entangled in crabbingline, cutting off the circulation to her tail fluke. She overcame adversity with her ability to adapt to swimming without a tail in a ‘side-to-side’ motion. The provision of a prosthetic tail enables Winter to adopt a normal ‘up-and-down’ swimming motion during exercise sessions

Our Director, Laura, has a passion for marine biology and no strangers to adversity themselves Arrow Valves related to Winter, her journey and the vision of the aquarium ‘inspiring the human spirit through leadership in education’. So when we began researching organisations with whom to donate a share of our profit, Winter won the vote...and our hearts

We are now members of the Winter Circle of Friends

Winter The Dolphin

In December 2018 our director Laura was lucky enough to make the journey to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to meet Winter and her friends. This was an emotional journey, as Arrow Valves have used Winter’s story as an inspiration to overcome our own challenges. In 2019, we celebrate 20 years in business, which not too long ago felt like a milestone that wouldn’t be achievable.

We are proud to support Winter, and every year we continue to be part of the Winter Circle of Friends. As the Clearwater Marine Aquarium is currently undergoing a transformation – a much needed expansion to provide space for more rescued dolphins, and larger habitats for those who are unable to return to the wild, we decided to purchase a Paver to show our support and help build Winter’s Dream.

Our Paver will appear in Zone 9 of the Aquarium and will aptly read “Inspired by Winter - Arrow Valves overcame adversity to celebrate 20 yrs. Love the Arrow Crew – UK”.

For more information visit: www.seewinter.com