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There are times when we need to deliver hot water at a safe temperature, but also ensure that we manage the RISK OF CONTAMINATION to mains water with an appropriate backflow prevention device.

Examples include:

  • Toileting facilities – the use of bidet hoses that can be submerged in the WC pan
  • Showers in care facilities where the shower head can be submerged in the bath, and
  • Showers that are used in pet grooming

All these scenarios require blended warm water but also pose a fluid category 5 risk, so we need to introduce a suitable air gap, via a break tank.
Storing hot water in this break tank becomes a problem –

  • As this water cools down, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and introduces the risk of legionella.
  • Water would be wasted, as the tank would need to be purged of the cold water before hot water is useable.
  • We introduce the risk of scalding, particularly with vulnerable end users in care homes, and so it is imperative that water is delivered at a safe temperature.

There are a few solutions to combat these problems –

  • We can feed a CAT 5 unit with blended warm water – such as the AB2 shower break tank, or hot water midi unit.
  • We can have a unit that is complete with all the necessary equipment for backflow. protection, heating water and regulating the temperature, such as the Ablution Unit.
  • We can feed an electric shower with a cold-water CAT 5 unit – such as the Care Shower package.

There are problems associated with hot water, but these can all be overcome with clever and innovative products. This ensures we are compliant with Water Regulations in not allowing contamination of the mains supply, but also able to provide water at safe temperatures to our end users.