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Water Regulations

Are the Water Regulations law?

Yes. They were made law under the Water Industry Act of 1991. T he Water Regulations apply to all Water fittings regulations/byelaws apply to all premises with a mains water supply and apply to all to all water fittings (both above and below ground). The current regulations/byelaws do not apply to plumbing systems which were lawfully installed under previous water fittings byelaws.

What is Regulation 3?

Regulation 3 requires that any fitting conveying or receiving water from a water undertakers main supply hall comply with requirement of this part of the regulations. It also requires water fittings to be in good condition when fitted and remain in good condition in use. A consumer has a responsibility under regulation 3 to use fittings in a proper manner and not to cause waste, misuse, undue consumption, contamination, or erroneous measurement.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is defined as flow upstream, that is in the opposite direction to the intended normal direction of flow, within or from a water fitting. Back flow can either be caused by back pressure or back siphonage.

Why do I need a backflow prevention device?

Back flow prevention devices prevent contamination of the mains water. If back pressure or back siphonage were to occur in a system, a backflow prevention device will stop any contaminated water getting back into the system.


Do I need WRAS approval?

WRAS Approval (or an equal alternative - Kiwa UK, NSF) is the easiest way to prove that a product is of an appropriate quality and standard complies to Regulation 4.

Are you products WRAS approved?

Yes, they are all either WRAS, Kiwa UK or NSF Reg 4 so approved, and therefore comply with Regulation 4.

The fitting I’m using is made up or WRAS approved components, is this acceptable?

Fittings are approved separately but as soon as they are joined together, they need a new approval as an assembly. When our products are WRAS approved, it means that all the fittings have been approved separately and as a complete unit.

Technical / Products

What is the difference between Duty Standby and Duty Assist?

What is the difference between Variable Speed and Fixed Speed units?

Can I use a DC257 pipe interrupter to serve a bin store / ablution unit?

How do I size an Expansion Vessel?


Can I use a quick fill loop in an office?

No unless it has an RPZ or Cat5 backflow protection deice upstream as all non-house installations are fluid category 4 unless risk assessed down by the water undertaker.

Do I need a quick fill loop with your pressurisation units.

No, the all have a minimum of fluid category 4 backflow prevention devices built in.


How do I book a service visit?


How much does a service cost and why?


Is on-site commissioning required?

What is the warranty period on my unit?

How often do I need to get my RPZ Valve tested?