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Pent-A-Boost® Compact Domestic Booster – Variable Speed

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Compact booster pump set designed to boost pressure for tall buildings where the mains supply is inadequate, e.g. penthouse suites. The unit is supplied as a complete package on a stainless steel base plate ready for installation. The set is approved for drinking (wholesome) water applications since it has a screened overflow and vent, conforming to G16.13. The primary purpose is to boost the water pressure for elevated areas or where a high flow rate is required, e.g. for showers or baths. The performance to compactness ratio often enables the unit to be installed in a ground floor cupboard rather than a full size plant room. Frequently one unit per luxury apartment is used. The unit is quiet by virtue of a centrifugal pump, anti-vibration rubber feet and flexible stainless braided connection hoses. Fast filling is acheived by a servo-controlled solenoid valve with solid-state level probe control. This system has proved to be more reliable and accurate than conventional float valves. The small cistern and high throughput minimises the risk of legionella.


Penthouse (3 storey and taller); Boosting low water pressure; Combi boilers; showers.

Product Specification
Specification Clause

A Booster Pump Set “Pent-A-Boost” shall be installed – model BTAF5-16 – as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The unit shall have an 24 litre cistern, with a lid and screened DN40 overflow complying with G16.13 of the Water Regulations. The pump shall be centrifugal with stainless steel impellors and housing with an input power of 3.0 kW and 11.7 bar closed valve head and be controlled by a pressure switch connected to a 24 litre pressure vessel. The cistern level shall be controlled automatically by a servo solenoid valve operated via stainless steel conductive electrodes and controller. A low-level pump cut-out shall be controlled by electrodes in the cistern, which shall automatically reset once the cistern is sufficiently full. The cistern shall feature a high-level alarm linked to a volt free BMS relay – model BTBMS2. The unit shall feature a stainless steel base plate and be acoustically attenuated by anti-vibration feet and stainless steel braided flexible hoses. A 35 mm supply is required, which must maintain a dynamic pressure of 1.0 bar.

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Approval Certificate

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