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Self-Closing “Pillar Standpipe” Assembly

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Tamperproof and inconspicuous Standpipe enclosure with removable Self-Closing Tap. With the tap outlet removed, the Standpipe resembles a Pillar with all internal components concealed. The hinged lid can belocked shut with the supplied key, ensuring the Standpipe istamperproof.

The removable tap outlet has a push-fit connection. Inserting the tap outlet into the tap body automatically opens the flow ofwater with one simple action. Once the tap outlet has beeninserted, it is free to rotate to find the optimum position for the desired use.

The Standpipe can be bolted to a concrete floor or mounted on an optional “Pile”. The galvanised Pile can be buried in soft ground or in an area to be subsequently concreted. M12 stainless bolts are provided to bolt the Pile and Standpipe together. The mating flanges would normally be positioned 30mm above ground but for aesthetic reasons in gardens the flanges may be buried up to 50 mm beneath the soil surface.

The Standpipe assembly features a Double Check Valve providing Fluid Category 3 protection. A servicing valve is also supplied and all serviceable components are accessible from the front. The stainless steel housing includes foam insulation, which provides some frost resistance.

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