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The Arrow Valves Care Shower is a special thermostatic electric shower (meeting BEAB Care Mark requirements as being safe for use by elderly, young and sick) and Booster Pump package (model CSABATLF). The assembly has Fluid Category 5 backflow protection via integral AB air gap with booster pump and is therefore suitable for the highest risk applications. The shower is supplied with a 2 m longer hose. The integral backflow protection prevents contamination should the hose become submerged in bath or toilet water. The shower is designed to be easily operated with large tactile buttons and rubber grips on the adjustable spray head. Supplied with spray head, slide rail and additional spray head holder. The shower provides water at an adjustable maximum temperature setting between 37 C – 48 C (should be restricted on site to 41 C in-line with DO8 recommendations) and has accuracy to ±1 C. The sophisticated thermostatic control compensates for changes in:- pressure, incoming temperature and voltage. The Booster Pump ensures generous flow even when used in low pressure areas. The pump can be installed adjacent to the shower or in another serviceable location up to 10 m away. Automatic pump control is by means of a pressure vessel, industrial pressure switch and a flow sensor. The pump has a “soft start” feature, which avoids water and electrical surges. The pump is protected via a low level float switch in the cistern.


The Care Shower meets BEAB Care Mark requirements as being safe for use by the elderly, young or sick. Healthcare – assisted bathing; Nursing home; Veterinary; Dog grooming; Medical; Mortuary; Butchery; Bidet and toilet (paperless).

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention Yes
  • Cistern Size 3.5 Litres
  • Inlet Size 15 mm
  • Max. Flow Rate 0.13 Lt/s
  • Outlet Size 15 mm
  • Powered Yes
Specification Clause

Where indicated on the drawing a Care Shower – model CSABATLF – consisting of an instantaneous electric shower and Booster Pump shall be installed – as manufactured and distributed by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 The assembly shall have Fluid Category 5 protection via AB air gap. The shower max temperature shall be restricted on site to 41oC and accuracy shall be to ± 1oC. The shower shall be BEAB Care approved. A 15 mm cold water supply is required, which must maintain a minimum dynamic pressure of 0.8 bar. The AFL servicing valve supplied, shall be fitted to the inlet to the Booster Pump cabinet. The Booster Pump package shall be installed in a serviceable position and within 10 m of the shower. The shower power rating shall be 8.7 kW. The assembly shall include and 2 m long hose, spray head, slide rail and additional spray head holder.

Data Sheets


csabatlfdatasheet-4.pdf (483.31 KB)


Installation Guide

csabommanual-2.pdf (863.16 KB)