Pipe Interrupters Type DC257

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DC Pipe Interrupters provide Fluid Category 5 backsiphonage protection (vacuum on the supply).  DC Pipe Interrupters are intended for open outlet applications (e.g. urinal flushing) and must not be used for washing machines, upstream of hose union taps or any appliance that has a control valve or restriction.  Negligible restriction should exist downstream – otherwise water would ultimately discharge through the vent holes.


Urinals, Laboratory Taps, Chemical Toilets.

Product Specification
  • Backflow Prevention Yes
  • Powered No
Specification Clause

Every laboratory tap shall be fitted with a DC Pipe Interrupter, suitable for Fluid Category 5 backsiphonage protection – model DC15F257 – as manufactured by Arrow Valves Ltd – Tel 01442 823123 www.arrowvalves.co.uk. The device shall be fitted with a short unrestricted hose, which discharges at least 150 mm below the air vents of the DC device. No valves or restrictions shall be fitted downstream of the device. The body of the device shall be chrome plated with a DN15 female inlet.

Data Sheets


dc257datasheet.pdf (907.13 KB)


Installation Guide

dc257pipeinterrupterommanual.pdf (419.52 KB)


Approval Certificate

DC257-2003786.pdf (555.30 KB)